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January 4, 2019

Happy New Year. Have a good start for safety in the New Year. JCP Technical Services has a Weekly Safety Meeting Program that can be tailor made for your company. We currently have meetings for HAZWOPER, Construction, Marine Shipyards and other industries.


May 10, 2018  

JCP Technical Services Launches

We recently launched a new website.  This new website is geared to teach people how to manage people on safety, as well as our usual relevant training information. There's a War on for Your Safety.


Our Pledge to you:

1.  We will make legal and common sense recommendations for your business that will avoid problems, and decrease exposure.  The long term goal is to reduce your costs and liabilities, and reduce your risk to ZERO.

2.  We will motivate and train your employees to value safety.  Leadership training is part of every course we do.

3.  Small business is the back bone of  our economy.  Being a small business does not mean that you don't need a safety program.  Usually, it is critical that you have a safety program because one accident may mean a loss of clients and money out of your pocket.  We will work with you to create a safety culture at your company.

We are located in the Metro New York area, however we work nationally.

We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Jim Poesl MS, CIE

Managing Member

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